• Lauren Salvioli

Boat Days & Weekly Faves

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I had a fun one-- Max ordered a tube for the boat and it finally came in so we had a blast with that. I also started my final semester (woohoo!) on Monday. Things are definitely different with covid, but I don't mind the online portion of the classes-- I actually prefer it honestly (less commuting for me!). I'm heading back to the Cape this weekend for a friend's birthday celebration, but I wanted to hop on and share my week with you guys before I do that. I'll also link some of my favorite finds and sales from this week to shop. I did have my first pumpkin spice latté (I know, I'm basic) and it got me excited for fall. Although I LOVE summer, I do enjoy fall weather, and of course fall-run fishing is always a blast. The only thing I don't like about fall is that it's one step closer to winter (my least favorite season). I'll definitely be making the most of it before the cold weather rolls in and I'll be sure to bring you guys along for the ride!

xo, Lauren


46-Ib Block Bass & Canal Bonito


Parker Boats | Target swim | Sunnies | Adidas hat

FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE (and a good laugh)



Adidas sale | Adidas dupe white | Adidas dupe black/white

| PUMA |


| Abercrombie |

| Snap pullover |

| Hoodies & crewnecks |

| Aerie crewneck |

| Walmart fall fashion |

| Nasty Gal |


My favorite new trend: the backpack purse. I snagged one for myself from Target!

| Target backpack purses |

| Walmart backpack purses |

| Blazers |

| Steve Madden |

The Nordstrom sale is still on until the end of August! #nsale

| Nordstrom |


Tan-luxe the butter has become one of my favorites!

| Tan-luxe |

Pumpkin Season!!!

| Tula pumpkin sugar scrub |