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Most Memorable Catch

If I'm going to have a blog about fishing, it's only fitting to share my personal best catch from shore. Enter center stage the Cape Cod Canal. For those of you who have fished it before, you know how unique it can be (and often challenging, yet rewarding at times). Max and I usually take a few annual trips every year-- this one was 2019. We had booked a few nights in a hotel. Our first day fishing was slow, but that's just how the canal goes. Some days you score, others you don't. It was 4am on our second morning and we headed out for a full day of canal cruising. When you fish the canal, you usually come equipped with a bike and a milk crate with fishing rod holders attached to it-- it's pretty much the norm there. The fishing had certainly turned on during our second day. Fishing was phenomenal-- landing 30+ pounders left and right. It's days like that which remind you why you love the canal so much.

At some point, I decided to check out a different spot and told Max I would be back in a little while. When I returned to where he was fishing, he began to tell me that I had just missed this huge bass blitz. Just my luck. I put on a white Sebile magic swimmer and started taking some casts. Within minutes, I hooked up to something big. Now, if you fish, you know the feeling I'm about to explain-- adrenaline starts pumping, heart starts racing, and all you can think in your head is "don't lose this fish, don't lose this fish." Well, I didn't lose the fish. Instant satisfaction. I'm pretty sure my face started hurting from smiling so hard. This 50+ pounder was a beauty, and I just remember being so happy in that moment, and even more happy watching her swim away. That canal fish could be a once in a lifetime experience for me, or maybe I'll land a 60 this year. A girl can dream, right?

xo, Lauren

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