• Lauren Salvioli

First Canal Trip of 2020

Let the Cape Cod canal craziness commence. Max and I took our first trip of 2020 this past week and it was a blast. Tons of good memories made, and a pleasant surprise with our catches. We make an effort every year to take a few canal trips, and the first one of the year always reminds us why we love that place so much. It is such a unique fishing experience-- if you've never been, I suggest you check it out at least once! You won't regret it. We stuck with our usual routine-- booked a hotel and stayed a few nights. If you're looking to cut costs on your trip, you could always sleep in your car (a ton of people do!). We loaded up the car with our bikes and gear and drove up Monday night, just in time for the new moon. Last year, the bite was on during the new moon so we planned our trip around it again this year. Striped Bass reports have been pretty slow for the canal, but we wanted to try it anyway. It's always a fun trip, even if you do get skunked. Although, catching always makes it more memorable, and memorable it certainly was.

Bonito Bonanza

We were lucky enough to witness the craziest Bonito blitzes some locals were saying they have ever seen in the canal, especially this early in the season.

Bonito are in the same family as tuna and mackerel. They are a pelagic fast moving predatory fish which usually blitz for a few seconds and then pop up somewhere else (if you've ever fished for albies, you know exactly what I mean). In a body of water as wide as the canal, this type of feeding frenzy can be tricky. The bikes definitely come in handy-- I would HIGHLY recommend bringing your canal cruiser!

Microspikes // Xtratufs // Saltiga // Stradic

// Van Staal Pliers //

Seeing the Sights

When we take a canal trip, we always spend some of our time in downtown Plymouth. The historic town always has great restaurants and live music. Be sure to bring a rod-- sometimes you can spot some schoolies hiding in the shadows by the docks! We enjoyed some awesome seafood at Tavern on the Wharf. Max can't take a canal trip without grabbing a lobster roll from The Lobster Trap either.

Although the bass fishing was a bit on the slow side, the bonito were a nice surprise. A good way to kick off the canal-- this definitely won't be our last run for 2020...stay tuned!

xo, Lauren

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