• Lauren Salvioli

My Favorite Brand of Yoga Pants + Fall Flannels

Over the years, I have tried so many different brands of yoga pants, leggings, spandex--whatever you want to call them! I've purchased them from different retailers and tried yoga pants made from different materials, but I had yet to find my favorite until now. A ton of the yoga pants that I own end up wearing out after a lot of use and going through the wash. They never really hold up how I want them to, which results in having to replace them eventually. Yoga pants are such a versatile piece of clothing-- whether you are styling them with boots or sneakers, wearing them during a workout, or pairing with a fall sweater or jacket, they are definitely my favorite for every season and occasion!

I have come across a pair of yoga pants that I am absolutely obsessed with from the brand Yogalicious! They have yet to let me down and are seriously some of the most buttery soft pants that I own! I wear them during my workouts too. They are super flexible but still hold you in all the right places. You can get them with or without pockets and they also come in fun colors and patterns too. In my opinion, they are just as good (maybe even better) than the Lululemons. Also, if you've ever owned a pair of 90 degree yoga pants, they tend to get "prickly" after multiple washes-- these don't do that at all!

The Yogalicious site is actually having a 30% off sale right now with code COOL30, but you can often find them for a better deal on Amazon, TJMaxx or Marshalls.

Click on an image below to shop my favorite yoga pants!


Fall is officially here and that means its flannel season! My favorite is the black and white gingham. I snagged this one from Walmart for under $14! Tie them around your waist or pair with some jeans and they make the perfect fall piece.

Click on an image below to shop flannels!


xo, Lauren

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