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Weekly Roundup


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you guys had an awesome week. Max and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather we had this week and spent a ton of our free time on the boat. We did some fishing locally and also hung out on our local islands enjoying some beach fun. We even brought the pup and Max's mom on the boat on Wednesday which was so much fun and tons of laughs. On Tuesday, we tried out one of our local restaurants for dinner, The Chelsea. Their food was SO GOOD! We are big seafood lovers and theirs was top-notch, definitely recommend for anyone local! This weekends weather is looking promising, so hopefully we will get to do some sunset fishing too. I hope you all have a great weekend. My advice: Get outdoors and do something fun!

xo, Lauren

Boats & Pups

Our water loving pup, Karma. She's a purebred blue nose Pit bull, and the sweetest girl in town. Ironically, when we first got her, she was TERRIFIED of the water. Now, you can't get her out of it, and if she has her ball-- forget it. She's not leaving!

Shop bathing suit 1 // vintage sunnies 2

Max's mom loves being on the water just as much as we do, especially with Karma <3

Fishing Fun

Some nice Fluke caught locally-- we seemed to have found quite the "honey hole"

Comfy Casual

I was feeling the braids this week, and some comfy outfits. Bike shorts are my favorite trend right now!

Shop my looks 1 // 2

Weekly Splurge

I snagged these cute A&F fall finds during their sale (they still have a ton of stuff on sale!), and went into Target for one thing and came out with way more (you know how that goes...)

Shop Abercrombie 1 // Target 2 // Backpack 3

Weekend Sales

Shop the sales // Aerie 1 // Tarte 2 // Nordstrom 3 // Nike 4 // Quay 5


Cheers Babes!

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